College is Co-Educational and Compulsory Residential.

Hostel for Men

          In the menís hostel, there are 25 living rooms. Each room shall be accommodating 6 students. The hostel contains a good dining hall and kitchen. Non-vegetarian and vegetarian foods are served to the students. Sufficient number of bath rooms, Lavatories and urinals are available.

Hostel for Women

          As the strength of the women students are less in every year, to reduce the cost of hostel expenditure for women students, our women are accommodated at the P.G. Womenís hostel of Govindammal Aditanar Womenís College, which is about 300mts away from our college.


Menís Hostel

Womenís Hostel






Principal as Warden

Deputy Warden

Residential Superintendents - 2 numbers


Students Representatives


M.P.Ed -II Yr -1

M.P.Ed-I Yr -1

B.P.Ed-II Yr -1

B.P.Ed -I Yr -1

B.P.E.S-II Yr-1

B.P.E.S-I Yr -1


Hostel Facilities

1. Students are provided with a cot, a table and chair in their rooms.

2. Vegetarian and non-Vegetarian foods being served.

3. Sufficient toilets, bathrooms and urinal available.

4. Aqua purified drinking water is provided.

5. News paper, TV and audio available.